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说明:Internet of Things for smart grid
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说明:Mechanical specification of PCI Express
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说明:Describes method for detecting and removing a color cast (i.e. a superimposed color due to lighting conditions, or to the characteristics of the capturing device),
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说明:References useful for quadrotor modeling
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说明:its a pine script use in tradingview
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说明:Prospects and Challenges of Future HVDC SuperGrids with Modular Multilevel Converters
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说明:DC Line Protection for VSC-HVDC System
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说明:Study of Protection Strategy for VSC Based HVDC System
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说明:A secure cloud-assisted urban data sharing framework for ubiquitous-cities
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说明:cloudsim work help document
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说明:In this paper we have proposed an energy-efficient coverage-preserving algorithm, called CoCMA, which encompasses optimization for initial deployments using a MA and a wake-up scheme. The CoCMA turns off the redundant nodes according to the MA-based schedule for nodes in order to save energy. It also used the wake-up scheme to awaken some sensor nodes in a sleeping mode through an optimization strategy to preserve the sensing coverage of the CWSN. The experimental results show that the proposed CoCMA can be successfully applied to the CWSNs. It minimizes the number of active nodes during the operation period of the CWSN, so the sensing coverage is better preserved comparing with the LEACH, LEACH-Coverage-U, PEGASIS and EGDG. Moreover, the performance of the CoCMA could be significantly improved if the positions of the sink are chosen and the nodes are chosen appropriately. With the promising results demonstrated in this paper
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说明:Accurate battery parameter estimation
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说明:An energy-aware task allocation using a hybrid ant colony optimization and genetic algorithm in the Internet of Things
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说明:Towards an optimized abstracted topology design in cloud environment
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说明:Decentralized cloud datacenter reconsolidation through emergent and topology aware behavior
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说明:DDR4 DRAM components Identification Guide - Revision1.2
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说明:My entire OFDM MIMO code for enhance CFO esmitaion
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说明:Face recognition based on PCA image reconstruction and LDA
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说明:A current sensor schemtaics in KiCAD
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说明:Electric Vehicle Drive Simulation with MATLAB/Simulink
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说明:its about the documetation of embedded system project garbage collection system
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