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wen2015.rar - lvrt analysis of dfig,2019-02-16 04:42:03,下载0次
10.1002_etep.342_cnau.rar - Modelling and simulation of stator and rotor fault conditions in induction machines for testing fault diagnostic techniques,2019-01-13 00:29:01,下载0次
algorithms-11-00092.rar - Predictive Current Control of Boost Three-Level and T-Type Inverters Cascaded in Wind Power Generation SystemsPredictive Current Control of Boost Three-Level and T-Type Inverters Cascaded in Wind Power Generation Systems,2018-12-04 01:11:18,下载3次
Optimal_ESS_Allocation_for_Bene?t.rar - Smart grids have been emerging nowadays as an initiative to operate modern distribution systems in a more economic and efficient way. Energy storage systems (ESSs) are one of the promising technologies that can achieve the goals of smart grids via facilitating the connection of renewable sources, improving system reliability, and controlling the net demand through peak load shaving, etc.,2018-11-14 02:22:08,下载4次
IJERTV5IS080198.rar - The aim of a power system is to supply power in costeffective and reliable manner. It is essential to plan and maintain reliable electrical power systems because price of interruptions and power failures can have very bad financial impact on the utility and its consumers.,2018-10-22 03:54:23,下载0次
061_082.rar - Modeling of Static Series Voltage Regulator (SSVR) in Distribution Systems for Voltage Improvement and Loss Reduction,2018-09-10 04:35:15,下载0次
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tjprcfile70.rar - an active dc filter for hvdc,2017-08-10 17:22:13,下载2次
-A-strategy-for-protection-coordination-in-radial - A strategy for protection coordination,2017-04-12 23:34:34,下载1次
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wang2013.rar - paper for study and uation,2017-03-04 04:41:25,下载1次 - dneme dc file for study,2017-03-04 04:32:09,下载1次 - pscad based simulation,2016-05-27 20:45:31,下载2次 - fayaz pscad file simulation,2016-05-27 20:35:00,下载2次
[]-Protection_of_distribution_systems - protection of distribution,2015-10-25 19:18:39,下载1次
[]-Investigate_dynamic_and_transient_ - investigate dynamic and transient ,2015-10-25 19:17:38,下载1次
[]-Intelligent_impedance_based_fault- - intelligent impedance based based fault location,2015-10-25 19:14:27,下载2次
[]-Implementation_of_an_automatic_FLI - implementation of an automatic flir,2015-10-25 19:11:30,下载1次
[]-Directional_pilot_protection_metho - directional pilot protection,2015-10-25 19:08:45,下载3次

single_inverter_mppt.rar - 主要是针对一种单级逆变器的单相并网仿真,其中包括MPPT功能。 - 模拟局部阴影下用干扰观测法实现光伏最大功率点跟踪,结果表明能较好实现最大电压的跟踪
kk.rar - Reliability Evaluation of Stand-Alone Hybrid Microgrid Using Sequential Monte Carlo Simulation
kk1.rar - Reliability Evaluation of Stand-Alone Hybrid Microgrid Using Sequential Monte Carlo Simulation
MAS.rar - With increasing wind penetration in power systems, many national grid codes will demand complete models and simulation studies under different system conditions in order to ensure that the connection of a wind farm will not have a detrimental impact on the network to which it will be connected. Hence a dynamic model with reduced-order double cage representation for the DFIG and its associated control and protection circuits has been developed. It was then used to simulate the response of wind turbine to network faults on a simple two busbar system. - control strategy for an inverter to regulate the voltage and frequency during transients and network faults in a microgrd
full_bridge_rectifier.rar - 基于PSCAD平台搭建的全桥整流电路,易于进行扩展和模块化处理
Converter_LSC1.rar - pscad做的整流器控制模型,运行效果良好 - 利用触发角使得IGBT导通,它是一个用PSCAD软件实现电力电子功能的有效例子,谢谢大家的评价。。。
pscadretifier.rar - this is a rectifier model of pscad,it is useale for somebody .
Rec_PWM.rar - 基于PSCAD软件环境,利用PWM调制方法实现整流器的仿真
Fire_Pulse.rar - 自己用fortran语言编写的六脉波桥路(晶闸管换流器)触发模块,与PSCAD中自带的触发模块做过对比,验证了正确性
10-kW-Thyristor-Controlled-Rectifier.rar - MATLAB仿真,主要是三厢10KW的晶闸管整流仿真,可以研究研究。
1.rar - Simulating a 3 phase thyristor rectifier bridge as voltage source - 三相桥式全控整流电路的MATLAB仿真例程,可以通过改变触发角来控制负载输出的电压
Code.rar - Distance Protection Using a Novel Phasor Estimation Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform - 含FACTS的潮流计算程序;可供柔性交流输电技术科研人员研究算法进行参考;
svc.rar - svc load flow study with including static var compensator it is used to improve voltage stability of system.
ScalarControl-asynchronous-motor.rar - Scalar (V/f) Control of an asynchronous motor with inverter - DTC control of induction motor