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algorithms-11-00092.rar - Predictive Current Control of Boost Three-Level and T-Type Inverters Cascaded in Wind Power Generation SystemsPredictive Current Control of Boost Three-Level and T-Type Inverters Cascaded in Wind Power Generation Systems,2018-12-04 01:11:18,下载3次
Optimal_ESS_Allocation_for_Bene?t.rar - Smart grids have been emerging nowadays as an initiative to operate modern distribution systems in a more economic and efficient way. Energy storage systems (ESSs) are one of the promising technologies that can achieve the goals of smart grids via facilitating the connection of renewable sources, improving system reliability, and controlling the net demand through peak load shaving, etc.,2018-11-14 02:22:08,下载4次
IJERTV5IS080198.rar - The aim of a power system is to supply power in costeffective and reliable manner. It is essential to plan and maintain reliable electrical power systems because price of interruptions and power failures can have very bad financial impact on the utility and its consumers.,2018-10-22 03:54:23,下载0次
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wang2013.rar - paper for study and uation,2017-03-04 04:41:25,下载1次 - dneme dc file for study,2017-03-04 04:32:09,下载1次 - pscad based simulation,2016-05-27 20:45:31,下载2次 - fayaz pscad file simulation,2016-05-27 20:35:00,下载2次
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[]-Directional_pilot_protection_metho - directional pilot protection,2015-10-25 19:08:45,下载3次

ScalarControl-asynchronous-motor.rar - Scalar (V/f) Control of an asynchronous motor with inverter - DTC control of induction motor - AC induction motors are the most common motors used in dustrial motion control systems, as well as in main powered home appliances. Simple and rugged design, low-cost, low maintenance and direct connection to an AC power source are the main advantages of AC induction motors. The speed control of these motors has been of great importance in order to run the motors at desired speeds. Among the various methods of speed control V/F control of induction motor is the most efficient one, in which V/F ratio is kept constant. In this project we studied about this V/F control of an induction motor and simulated it in the matlab Simulink and controlled the torque and speed of induction motor. This technology continued to be taken up further improvements all over the world till very recently.
spwmbihuan.rar - 三相逆变器的v/f控制,能够实现三相逆变器的恒压恒频控制。
10AC异步电机.zip - 交流电机的定频变压控制和恒V/F控制,效果很好 - 基于Matlab/suimulink平台的逆变器仿真,采用恒压恒频(V/f)控制,能够实现负载变化时逆变器输出电压和频率的恒定
V_to_F_control_Close_Loop_Induction_motor.rar - v/f control of the induction motor_ close loop - Combination of Adaptive and Intelligent Load Shedding Techniques for Distribution Network - Adequacy analysis with DG(Wind Turbine) using monte carlo simulation.Average unsupplied load(AUL)is calculated for annual load demand
配电网规划.rar - 基于蒙特卡洛算法,前推回代方法实现配电网最优规划 - 潮流计算中拉丁超立方采样的算法,可利用其进行概率潮流计算 - 含分布式电源的半不变量法概率潮流计算程序 - 应用半不变量法实现14节点随机潮流计算 考虑了发电机组出力和负荷的随机性 - 实现半不变量法概率潮流计算,并与蒙特卡洛模拟法作比较
50.rar - 计算概率潮流,所用算例为IEEE-33节点配电网系统。 - latest algorithm for optimal location of capacitor
sunday dg - Optimal Distribution Generation using Cuckoo Techniques - code about optimal placement of DG
PAPER.rar - optimal dg place ment paper
DG-of-POSITION-AND-CAPACITY.rar - 本程序用于求解以网损、电压偏差、投资运行费用最小为目标的配电网分布式能源选址定容问题,并辅以相关文献。