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Medical Researches.zip - data hiding reference books,2019-06-18 01:31:16,下载0次
Retinal dataset 1.zip - retinal data set for image processing projects,2019-06-18 01:07:21,下载0次
up.rar - LSB substitution + scrambling techniques,2018-12-19 22:39:48,下载0次
codes.rar - data hiding scheme codes for differing embedding techniques,2018-11-03 19:13:54,下载0次

PSNR.rar - a smart code to calculate PSNR of two color images.
PSNR.rar - %本程序功能是计算2幅彩色图像的PSNR,以此来评价图像处理的效果%%%%%%%%% % 运行的结果保存在变量PSNR中
JPEG.rar - 实现JPEG的压缩和编码 (1)首先通过DCT变换去除数据冗余; (2)使用量化表对DCT系数进行量化; (3)对量化后的系数进行Huffman编码。
attrack.zip - 对图片进行各种攻击的程序,包括高斯噪声攻击、JPEG压缩攻击、剪切攻击等等
imresize.rar - 图像插值算法有三种方法,最近邻插值、双线性插值、卷积插值
JPEG_Codec.zip - This is a JPEG codec with AC/DC Huffman entropy coding, 4:2:0 Sampling, RGB/YCbCr converter. 2D-DCT and Quantization is included in the JPEG_Main. There also a Huffman table list in .txt, two sample testing picture and the bitrate-PSNR , CompressionRatio-bitrate comparison analysis. The main function is JPEG_Main, and the others is sub-main funtion. Last but not least, the total implementation is based on the reference 映像情報メディア学会 ,which is written by 吉田俊之
JPEG.zip - 基于DCT的JPEG图像压缩MATLAB具体实现方法,能够实现bmp格式RGB图像编码解码,使用编码函数使得算法简单易懂,灵活使用哈夫曼编码表,减少传输数据
images.rar - 数字图像处理的非常面全的图片,包含有各种格式的和大小的。
standard_test_images.zip - 测试图像,在国外网站下载,做图像实验很有用哦,
nsf5_simulation.zip - cover image (grayscale JPEG image) resulting stego image that will be created relative payload in terms of bits per nonzero AC DCT coefficient seed for the random walk over the coefficients efficiency,changes
4.rar - High-capacity reversible data hiding in encrypted images by prediction error
Restoration.zip - Here is a code for image restoration after compression. Using this you can calculate system parameters like PSNR, BER, CR
CH5.rar - This is a GUI based system. The GUI is invoked from the command line by typing "ui_start". The GUI is self explanatory. Tool tips are given in blue color. The cursor needs to be positioned on these for detailed explanation. The main file is "runsim.m".It is recommended that 10000 runs (packets) be used for plotting frame error rates and 5000 runs for BER/SER. Obviously, you would require a fast machine!!! At least a P4 machine. We have used trace criterion for 4PSK states 4,8 and 16 as an example for 2x2 cases. The reader can use rank and determinant criteria, by commenting the trace criterion lines and copying the rank and determinant lines from the respective 2x1 cases. The SNR range can be varied by correcting the range at line 36 of file "runsim.m". This software has been tested with MATLAB version 6.0 and above with signal processing and communications toolbox options.
SSIM-PSNR-WPSNR-MSE-Image-quality.rar - 图像质量评价算法,均方差(MSE)、峰值信噪比(PSNR)、结构相似度(SSIM)、均值信噪比(WPSNR)。
dct.rar - matlab源码,自己编写的根据英语论文,是基于dct的可逆数据隐藏算法
proiect.rar - In this paper we present the usefulness of the algorithm DCT (Discrete cosine Transform) blocks applied level image compression JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Goup). It has been shown that this algorithm is the most efficient in the case of compression because it has very good properties for compaction energy related values. As a basic principle we eliminate high frequencies and keep the low and medium without visibly affecting image. DCT in JPEG compression algorithm is encountered in practical applications such as face detection, skin color, facial recognition, iris, fingerprints
Image-Encryption--using-Arnold.rar - 采用Arnold变换对彩色图像进行加密操作,并能实现解密,恢复原图像
jiami.zip - 生成混沌随机序列并实现对彩色图像的加密,
Arnold_Logistic变换仿真程序.rar - 基于猫脸变换(Arnold变换)的图像置乱仿真程序 基于混沌变换(Logistic)的图像置乱仿真程序 基于Arnold和Logistic的彩色图像置乱仿真程序 内附程序测试图像
lshcode.rar - 敏感哈希算法,能更快更方便更精准的将图像分类