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wang2017.rar - Reliability assessment is of crucial importance for power systems planning and operation. However, traditional reliability assessment methods mainly analyze electricity outages observed from the system side, regardless of whether end consumers are in need of electricity during such outage events. That is, they may not truly reflect actual impacts of various outages on consumers.,2018-11-14 02:39:24,下载0次

ANN-based-DSATCOM-Control-for-an-Electric-Ship-Po - The power system of an all-electric navy ship has an integrated network, where the propulsion load, the distribution loads, sensor and other emergency loads and pulse loads (rail guns, aircraft launchers etc.) – all are part of the same electrical network. Among the loads, the effects of pulsed loads are most detrimental for the power quality of ship power distribution system as the pulsed loads require a very high amount of power for a very short period of time . In order to improve the survivability of a navy ship in battle condition, DSTATCOM or Distribution Static Compensator can be used, which reduces the impact of pulsed loads on the bus voltage and thus keeps the bus voltage at desired level.
pmsg_rectifier_inverter.rar - full controller pmsg rectifier and inverter - GRID INTERFACE OF WECS WITH PMSG, 11 LEVEL NPC MULTILEVEL INVERTER
wind_PMSG_Back2Back.rar - 风力机 + 同步发电机 + 背靠背简化PWM
hengyapinbi.rar - 转速开环恒压频比控制的交流异步电机调速系统仿真,给出电机三相电压瞬时值、三相电流瞬时值、电磁转矩、转速等随时间变化的结果。研究生作业,调试通过。 - Load Torque Based Induction Motor Speed Control PWM based speed control of Induction Motor is presented
svc-dvr.rar - PSCAD simulation.Investigation D-STATCOM and DVR Operation for Voltage Control in Distribution Networks with a New Control Strategy
Induction_motor_Control.rar - Matlab implementation of Induction motor control and converter implementation
vf-control-of-IM.rar - v/f control of induction motor
vfcontrol-of-induction-motor.rar - v/f control programming of induction motor
IMdrive.rar - motor drive induction motor drive using constant V/F method
Optimum Microgrid Design.rar - Optimum Microgrid Design - Semiconductor fault current limitter ( SFCL ) model or boxset using simulink / matlab
withsfcl2.rar - semiconductor fault limiter ( SFCL) in power system
fcl.rar - simulation of power system with parallel resonance fcl
Energy_management.rar - energy management of smart grid with EV
4_IndMotor5LevelInveHarmRed.rar - Harmunic reduction of a 5 level inverter connected to a 3 phase induction motor in matlab/simulink
家庭能量管理负荷优化调度.rar - 家庭能量管理负荷优化调度。计及光伏出力、储能对可平移负荷进行调度以实现节能效果。有注释。
codes.rar - Home Energy Management systems using PSO - 这个例子显示了家庭能源管理系统在电网电力和分布式电源之间切换。