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说明:c039 driver for avermedia boards. Windows platform
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说明:arduino game tetris. Simple example
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说明:hx8357 library master
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说明:ssv file for drive testing
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说明:bp神经网络 可调参数,适用于大部分的环境下
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说明:gotoxy(68,11),cprintf("keys:%c %d",15,yaoshi);
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说明:case LEFT:x--; if(map[y-1][x-1]==1||((map[y-1][x-1]==6)&&yaoshi==0))
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说明:if(map[y-1][x-1]==Fruit) { map[y-1][x-1]=0; grade+=10; } if(map[y-1][x-1]==Yaoshi) { map[y-1][x-1]=0; yaoshi++; } if(map[y-1][x-1]==Door
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说明:this paper presents guidelines to develop the Maximum Power Point Tracking controller, as developed in the automotive and aeronautical applications, this by following the Vcycle development process, which means that our controller will be validated by using Model In the Loop/ Software In the Loop/ Processor In the Loop tests. In order to have the possibility of integrating the MPPT embedded software in automotive and aeronautical areas, and on the other hand to propose a low-cost option to test the hardware implementation of the MPPT algorithm. Therefore, a modified variable step Incremental Conductance algorithm is proposed in this study, which can reduce the steady-state oscillations and increase the tracking speed under sudden irradiance variation. Then, the Model-based design of the modified algorithm is developed and connected to the plant model (photovoltaic panel and Boost converter)
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说明:break; case Esc:exit(1); } if(map[y-1][x-1]==Fruit) { map[y-1][x-1]=0; grade+=10; } if(map[y-1][x-1]==Yaoshi) { map[y-1][x-1]=0;
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说明:s32v234 evb2 开发板建立文档
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说明:Thesacsacascasc (Please contact us if you want to produce multiple MechMate machines or components for sale.)
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说明:The dradscsdcdcdsdvild "once-off" machines which may not be sold for profit. (Please contact us if you want to produce multiple MechMate machines or components for sale.)
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说明:The drawings used for producing our in-house MechMate CNC routers are published on this site. The plans and information from this site can be used by small companies and persons to build "oaxaxaxax (Please contact us if you want to produce multiple MechMate machines or components for sale.)
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说明:black hat reverse engineering
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说明:基于MATLAB VRML的机器人模型,实现机器人自由移动
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说明:secrets of reverse engineering
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说明:Hello, world 简单的入门编成语言
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