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说明:In this paper, a predictive direct power control (PDPC) method for the brushless doubly fed reluctance generator (BDFRG) is proposed. Firstly, the BDFRG active and reactive power equations are derived and then the active and reactive power variations have been predicted within a fixed sampling period. The predicted power variations are used to calculate the required voltage of the secondary winding so that the power errors at the end of the following sampling period are eliminated. Switching pulses are produced using space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) approach which causes to a fixed switching frequency
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说明:Modbus protocol Chinese version
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说明:# Energy efficient wireless sensor network routing protocol with hierarchical clustering based on the genetic algorithm. ![Network topology](media/matlab/network-topology-plot.png) ## TODO * Direct search of possible genotypes with a small number of nodes * Update fitness function * Tests
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说明:MODBUS RTU Address table for KINCO PLC K3 Series
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说明:ZTEWelink Wireless Module Driver User Guide for WinCE-V1.2
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说明:RS-485 and RS-422 wiring basic information, introduction the difference in wiring between two interface.
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说明:ygukygtn,jhugn ikgiu
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说明:J1939 Specification 1 Document
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说明:J1939 Specification Document
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说明:ntroduction to Algebraic Coding Theory
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说明:Hitag2 protocolo information.
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说明:MODBUS 中文协议 用于 C51与触摸屏通讯协议
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说明:dacource codes and documents ource codes and documents
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说明:LDPCcodes various girth 4 and girth 6 and girth 8 Cycle counting
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说明:Dynamically changing distribution system operating conditions compromises the coordination of the existing protection schemes. This paper proposes an on-line adaptive protection coordination scheme by utilizing numerical directional overcurrent relays (DOCRs) and commercial AMPL based IPOPT solver. The proposed scheme also utilizes Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and a communication channel to obtain real-time system information and to update relays settings.
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说明:With growing power demand and heightened concern about the use of fossil fuels in conventional power plants, the integration of distributed energy resources into power networks is gaining attention due to their ability to cater for localized energy needs, putting the concept of the Smart grid center stage. Network protection systems, faced with a gradual increase in complexity, will have to develop responses to the changes brought about by ever greater penetration by distributed generation and sophisticated network topologies. The main goal of this paper is to provide optimal relay coordination of an adaptive protection scheme.
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说明:In real power systems, the network topology is subjected to uncertainty due to single-line outage contingencies, maintenance activities, and network reconfigurations. These changes in the network topology may lead to miscoordination of directional overcurrent relays (DOCRs). To overcome this drawback, corresponding to each primary/backup relay pair, a set of inequality coordination constraints which is related to different network topologies should be satisfied. In this paper, a new approach based on the interval analysis is introduced to solve the DOCRs coordination problem considering uncertainty in the network topology.
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说明:he coordination of directional over current relays in interconnected power networks is formulated as an optimization problem. When two protective apparatus installed in series have characteristics, which provide a specified operating sequence, they are said to be coordinated or selective.
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说明:The OC relays are the major protection devices in a distribution system. To reduce the power outages, maloperation of the backup relays should be avoided, and therefore, OC relay time coordination in power distribution network is a major concern of protection engineer. The OC relay time coordination in ring fed distribution networks is a highly constrained optimization problem. The purpose is to find an optimum relay setting to minimize the time of operation of relays and at the same time, to avoid the mal-operation of relays. Big-M simplex technique for optimum time coordination of OC relays in a ring fed distribution system is presented in this paper.
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说明:vfev ve vvevfevefvevvevefve
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说明:3G RTWP Troubleshooting
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