Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits

Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits

Very few clinical studies are done on natural supplements and remedies because there isn’t much profit in it for drug companies, but Omega-3 is one of the few that has had numerous studies. The results generally showed Omega 3 fatty acids increased HDL by as much as 9% and lowered triglycerides by as much as 45%. That is particularly useful if you are trying to find out how to lower triglycerides.


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It is no secret that cholesterol and fats get a bad rap. Some cholesterol and fats in moderation are not necessarily unhealthy. In fact, they may even be surprisingly necessary for a healthy lifestyle and prevent the risk of many serious diseases.

The word cholesterol tends to carry a negative connotation whenever it is heard, but all cholesterol in itself is not a bad thing. Understanding the purpose of cholesterol in the body and how to maintain healthy cholesterol levels is important in actively sustaining heart health. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is made in the body of all animals and transported in the blood. It is supplied by two sources. The body creates about 75 percent of one’s blood cholesterol and food supplies the remaining 25 percent.

There are two types of cholesterol. A healthy level of HDL (the “good” cholesterol) keeps LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) from becoming lodged in artery walls which can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. If HDL is too low, however, it may cause an increased risk of developing heart problems. Low HDL amounts can be increased by exercising frequently, consuming a well-balanced diet, and reducing trans-fat intake. Unhealthy, fatty foods can increase LDL levels and LDL is naturally produced in the body with some people being genetically prone to high content of this type of cholesterol, so it is highly important to maintain a nutritious diet.

Like cholesterol, fat is also often looked upon with nothing but negativity and avoided at all costs. Also like cholesterol, not all fat is unhealthy and some types have been linked to many health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids are poly-unsaturated fatty acids, meaning they contain more than one double bond. The body is not capable of producing its own omega-3s, so they must be obtained by ingesting foods that are rich with these fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids come largely from fish (particularly heron, mackerel, salmon, and sardines), nuts and seeds (particularly flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts), and dark green vegetables (particularly broccoli and spinach).

The different forms of omega-3s are ALA, DHA, and EPA. ALA is found in dark greens like spinach, flaxseed, vegetable oils, and walnuts. The body makes use of some ALA as is and converts some of it into DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA are found in fish and seem to be the most beneficial to the body. Omega-3s have been found to help relieve symptoms of or even prevent such diseases and disorders as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, dementia, depression, and high blood pressure, and they have been linked to various heart health advantages, further lowering the risk of heart disease in connection with healthy cholesterol levels.

The benefits of omega-3 for cholesterol and heart health are numerous. They are thought to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels and unhealthy amounts of fat in the bloodstream. Triglycerides are a type of blood fat that are known to cause heart disease. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are known as blood lipid levels. Omega-3s can lower triglycerides and increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

Omega-3s slow the build-up rate of plaque in the blood vessels. They also act as an anticoagulant agent to aid in preventing blood clots. These qualities may help prevent strokes caused by blockage in the arteries.

Omega-3s stabilize heart rate to decrease the chances of developing an abnormal heart rhythm. Cardiac arrhythmia and elevated heart rates can be life-threatening. Omega-3s are able to lower potentially lethal heart rates and reduce risks connected with abnormalities in heart rhythm.

Studies have shown that an increased intake of omega-3s by those who have previously suffered from a heart attack can reduce the risk of sudden death or suffering from a second heart attack. This is inclusive of those who increased intake of foods high in omega-3s as well as those who introduced omega-3 supplements into their diets. A doctor should be consulted before beginning a supplement regimen.

Many scientists believe that omega-3s have the ability to decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease conditions are caused by the hardening and narrowing of coronary arteries. Coronary arteries are what supply blood and oxygen to the heart. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two problems that can accelerate this process and lead to heart attacks, heart failure, heart rhythm disturbances, and sudden cardiac death. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown by studies to stabilize these rates and prevent death related to heart disease.

For those who do not care for fish, there are supplements and medications containing omega-3 fish oil available on the market. Lovaza is currently the only drug made from omega-3 fish oil that has been approved by the FDA and proven to help reduce triglycerides for a healthy heart. Lovaza may increase LDL (“bad”) cholesterol in some patients and may be harmful to those who are allergic to fish or shellfish. A physician should be consulted for blood testing and monitoring before and during treatment.

Maintaining healthy levels of both HDL and LDL cholesterol is essential for a healthy heart and a long life. Preventing heart disease may not be something that is on everyone’s mind, but it may be easier to do than it sounds. Omega-3 fatty acids can assist with this task for an easy way to take the first step toward actively working to improve heart health.

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